Open File Backup (only for Windows 2000 and XP)

Open File Backup module for Z-DBackup - Backup of MS SQL - and MS Exchange - Databases

More and more systems must be available around the clock. For web servers, e-commerce-applications, databases or e-mail-platforms, it is infeasible to take the system offline regularly for several hours to perform a backup.

A big challenge for every backup software is backing up files which are already opened by other applications for exclusive access. Open and locked files cannot be read by normal backup programs. This is especially true for databases, which are in many cases ALWAYS open. The add-on module Z-OpenLock enhances the features of Z-DBackup and adds support for "live backup", which includes backups of SQL and EXCHANGE databases.

Files that are used by MS Outlook are locked from access by other applications. Without Z-OpenLock, these files can only be accessed if Outlook is closed completely, as well as all other applications that access Outlook's .PST files, such as telephone/fax applications which use it's address book. Indexing services such as Copernic can lock the .PST files even when Outlook isn't running. Without Z-OpenLock, these services would have to be closed as well during a backup.

Note: Z-VSScopy replaces Z-OpenLock.

Open File Backup

Live Data Backup

Z-OpenLock does not disturb your system, it runs completely in the background without you noticing, and gives other software the possibility to access open and locked files. Thus, Z-DBackup gains the possibility to backup such files, while nothing changes for the user. You can even back up complete applications like MS Exchange, SQL, Outlook and Lotus Notes in a live system.

Protect Your Company's Critical Data

Most backup programs do not offer the possibility to back up open and locked files, which leaves you vulnerable to not being able to restore important files! The add-on module Z-OpenLock for Z-DBackup solves this issue. The software is installed in only minutes and does not need to be configured at all. After the installation, you can save all exclusively opened and locked files automatically with every Backup Set.

Operating System Compatibility

Z-OpenLock runs only under Windows 2000, XP and the Windows Server versions 2000.

Z-VSScopy replaces Z-OpenLock

On Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and newer, Z-VSScopy can now be used in combination with Z-DBackup.

Like Z-OpenLock, Z-VSScopy offers the possibility to copy open and locked files/databases so that Z-DBackup can back up a whole running system.

With the integrated Microsoft VSS technology, you can now make consistent backups of all files, databases and applications even during normal operation.

Backup for all open, exclusive and just open used files

Open File Backup Module

Z-OpenLock must be activated over the internet. We use your network adapter's MAC address as a reference and store it copy-protection. The program is licensed per computer and the license is linked to a specific hardware MAC address.

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