Z-Journal – Monitor Backups in a Network

Z-Journal helps you check recurring backup tasks in your local area network

Our free program Z-Journal allows monitoring the status of your scheduled backups from any computer in your local network. Thus, any employee can be given the task to ensure the completeness of your daily backup, not necessarily one with access to the company server.

Monitoring Backups in a Local Network

Monitor Your Daily Backup with Z-Journal

Z-Journal is a program to view the log files created by Z-DBackup or Z-DATdump. This allows for a very convenient monitoring or your daily backup from any computer in your local network. Status, time, Z-Software module, backup name and elapsed time are shown. A double click on a log entry shows a window with details for this backup.

Backup Control

Z-Journal can be run automatically at Windows startup and shows the status of the last backup with a green, yellow for red icon in the Windows system tray, next to the clock, right after the computer is shut on!

Backup Control

Once started, Z-Journal continually monitors the actions of Z-DBackup. For use in a network environment, only the Z-DBackup log file directory must be shared, which does not pose a security risk even on a server. Z-Journal can also be used with the Backup Light.

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