Windows Mail Backup

Windows Mail

Outlook Backup with Wizard

Windows Mail is the successor of Microsoft's Outlook Express. It contains an e-mail client and newsreader and is included in Windows Vista. In contrast to Outlook Express, Windows Mail is no longer part of Internet Explorer and is therefore not available for Windows versions older than Windows Vista.

Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail (Windows Live Mail Desktop) is an e-mail client program similar to Windows Mail. It is supposed to replace Outlook Express (Windows XP) and Windows Mail (Windows Vista).

Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail store their data in different, hard to access locations in the whole Windows system.

Windows Mail Backup

E-Mail Backup

The backup wizard of Z-DBackup does the tedious and time-consuming work of manually collecting all Windows Mail data for you. You can backup your complete data and settings in a few minutes! 

  • Start the Z-DBackup wizard by clicking on the wizard icon in the main window.

  • Select "Backup Windows Mail" from the list of descriptions.

  • Confirm the message box "Do you want to create a Windows Mail backup?" with Yes. Z-DBackup creates the file list for the current user and prepares the registry backup.

  • Complete the Z-DBackup wizard form.

  • Start the backup.

Windows Mail Backup

Windows Mail Restore

Restoring your data is just as easy and quick as the backup. You can choose to restore all data from a backup to a directory or select files for restore into the Windows Mail program directories.

Windows Mail Restore

In the professional version, you can encrypt the backup archives with a password for the protection of your personal data and automatically verify the completeness and integrity of the copied data.


  • The data is not synchronized. A restore overwrites data that exists on the system.

  • Please write down your login info for e-mail servers, as these can not be included in a backup.

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