Z-VSScopy – Backup for exclusively opened and currently used files

Z-VSScopy enables Z-DBackup and Z-DATdump to back up open and locked files.

With Z-VSScopy, you can back up all files, even those to which Windows or a running application currently have exclusive access. The software uses means that Windows offers to create complete and consistent backups. This is possible by using Microsoft® VSS technology (Volume Shadow Copy) which was integrated in Z-VSScopy and taylored to the needs of a computer user.

open file backup

VSS is short for Volume Shadow Copy Service and denotes a technology which is available for local NTFS-formatted hard discs under Windows XP and newer.

The VSS implementation was only rudimentary in Windows XP, but beginning with Vista/Server 2003 it leaves nothing to be desired.

A so called Shadow Copy, also referred to as a snapshot, stores the contents of an NTFS volume at the time the snapshot is created. A Shadow Copy initially consumes very little space on the drive, because only differences to the current contents of the volume are stored. The space requirements rise when more and more files in the system are changed.

The VSS technology is usually hidden in the Windows system. Z-VSScopy introduces an easy-to-use graphical interface for VSS which helps to manage the VSS features on their system. It allows users to restore old file versions, to track changes in the system, and to delete unneeded Shadow Copies. May programs automatically create System Restore Points during installation, which are based upon VSS Shadow Copies. This can lead to the impression of free hard disc space suddenly vanishing.

Another feature of the VSS technology is support for backing up open and locked files. This means that the VSS system sees that files of currently writing programs are put into a consistent state that can be used for a restore, then this consistent state is backed up. It allows backups of complete applications, running databases and servers. This is of vital importance for Windows Server operating systems.

Z-VSScopy Freeware

The program both serves as an add-on module for Z-DBackup/Z-DATdump and is also a stand-alone freeware tool. It lists all snapshots and offers the possibility to view their contents in a file browser, delete snapshots or create new snapshots. It also lets the user copy files from a snapshot back to their actual system. Should files be lost from your Recycle Bin, or have you accidently saved a changed version of a file and urgently need the previous state, you can immediately use Z-VSScopy to search for the file in your system's Shadow Copies and restore it.

VSS Backup

Z-DBackup Freeware and Z-VSScopy

Z-VSScopy is Freeware for personal use and can be used without limitations together with the Freeware version of Z-DBackup. This enables the Freeware version of Z-DBackup to back up open and locked files and running programs such as Microsoft Outlook.

save locked file

The use of Z-DBackup with Z-VSScopy allows you to create individual backup strategies combined with Microsoft VSS technology to create a complete and consistent professional backup.

Volume Shadow Copy

Z-DBackup, Z-VSScopy and Z-DATdump

The tape medium is the most tried and tested data storage device to keep a backup permanently and securely. Especially in the server backup field, tape backups play a large role.

Complete server backups are somewhat tricky to achieve because many server applications work with databases and system files which cannot be backed up by simply copying them.

Thanks to Microsoft VSS technology, all data on a server can now be backed up in a consistent state without temporarily halting the server.

Function Freeware Version License Version
Display all existing Shadow Copies * *
Delete Shadow Copy * *
Restore single files * *
Set max. reserved space for Shadow Copies Coming soon! Coming soon!
Network Shadow Copy Coming soon!
Create Shadow Copy for complete volumes * *
Create Shadow Copy from Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista * *
Create Shadow Copy from Windows Server 2016, 2012 (R2), SBS 2011, 2008 (R2) 14 day trial period *
Backup with Z-VSScopy, Z-DBackup Professional and Z-DATdump Professional 14 day trial period *
VSS Freeware

The Standard Version of Z-VSScopy is Freeware for personal use, i.e. it can be used by private persons free of charge.

Z-VSScopy can be used free of charge together with the Freeware Versions of Z-DBackup and Z-DATdump and thus also allows private persons backups of open local files!

If you want to use Z-VSScopy together with the Professional or Server Versions of Z-DBackup or Z-DATdump, you need a Z-VSScopy License.

The free Z-VSScopy Freeware Version is limited to a trial period of 14 days on a Windows Server operating system! A Server License is needed for use on a Windows Server operating system!

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