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On this page, we provide video tutorials for many different tasks in Z-DBackup. We want to demonstrate how easy it is to manage a professional backup environment with Z-DBackup.

Video Tutorials – Online Help – Backup

Basic Features of Z-DBackup

Topic Description Link
Help Context-aware help feature. Online Help
Basic Functions An Explanation of the basic functions found in the main window of Z-DBackup. Online Help
Context Menu Using the context menu can make many tasks easier. Online Help
1-Click Backup A shortcut on the desktop simplifies the daily backup. Youtube Video Link
Linking Backup Sets Linking several Backup Sets for use as one large backup job. Online Help
LiveUpdate How to update the program with the LiveUpdate feature. Online Help
Send log file A short explanation on how to send us a log file. Online Help
Add-On Module Z-Journal Here you can find a tutorial for the add-on module Z-Journal, which helps inspect log files and verify remote backups. Demo - Online Hilfe
USB Backup Light How to enable the USB Backup Light in Z-DBackup. Demo - Online Hilfe
USB Pool Backup to USB devices with different drive letters. Online Help
Check backup How to verify the integrity of your backups. Online Help


Backup Set - Creating a new Backup Set

Topic Description Link
Settings Window A short description of the Backup Settings window. Demo - Online Hilfe
Backup Settings How to create a Backup Set with the settings dialog (including e-mail notification). Online Help


Backup Wizard

Topic Description Link
Backup Wizard How to create a new Backup Set using the wizard. Demo - Online Hilfe
Tape Backup How to create a Backup Set using the wizard, where the data is backed up directly onto tape. Online Help


Restore Data

Topic Description Link
Restore Complete restore of a backup. Demo - Online Hilfe
Restore single files Restore single files from a backup archive. Search/find and inspect, selective restore. Demo - Online Hilfe


System Backup

Topic Description Link
System Image Backup Create a system image of your Windows drive with Z-DBackup. Youtube Video Link
System Image Recovery Restore your system from a system image created with Z-DBackup. (Windows 8.1) Youtube Video Link
System Image Recovery Restore your system from a system image created with Z-DBackup. (Windows 10) Demo - Online Hilfe
VSS Troubleshooting What to do when facing problems with VSS Demo - Online Hilfe


Network Backup

Topic Description Link
Backup to NAS / network location How to create a proper backup to your NAS or other local network locations using UNC paths. Youtube Video Link
Backup from NAS / network location How to back up data from a NAS or other network locations to a different medium. Youtube Video Link


Z-DBackup - Self Backup

Topic Description Link
Self Backup Backup all your backup jobs in Z-DBackup, so they can be restored after a new installation of Z-DBackup. Online Help
Self Backup restore Restore your previously backed up backup jobs after a fresh installation of Z-DBackup. Online Help



Topic Description Link
Auto-Filter Using the built-in automatic filter options. Demo - Online Hilfe
Whitelist & Blacklist Here we explain the filter features and how to use the Whitelist and Blacklist. Demo - Online Hilfe


Actions before and after the backup

Topic Description Link
Actions before and after the backup How to execute tasks automatically before and after the backup. Demo - Online Hilfe



Topic Description Link
Z-DATdump with Z-Cron How to schedule a tape dump job with the help of Z-Cron. Demo - Online Hilfe
Z-DBackup & Windows Task Scheduler How to schedule a Backup Set in Z-DBackup using the Windows Task Scheduler. Demo - Online Hilfe


FTP Backup

Topic Description Link
A secure FTP Backup We show how to encrypt files locally, writing them to an archive on your hard drive and then transfering the archive to an FTP server. Demo - Online Hilfe
FTP Restore How to restore files that where backed up on an FTP server Demo - Online Hilfe



Topic Description Link
Data Synchronization Synchronizing files between two folder back and forth (e.g. for simple updating of data between different computers). Demo - Online Hilfe


Various Backup Tasks

Topic Description Link
Generational Backup / Grandfather-Father-Son Backup Explanation and configuration of a backup according to the grandfather-father-son backup scheme. Demo - Online Hilfe
Hyper-V Backup How to backup a running virtual machine. Youtube Video Link


Z-DBackup & Z-DATdump

Topic Description Link
Direct tape backup Creating a new Backup Set where the files are copied 1:1 onto tape. Youtube Video Link
Indirect tape backup Creating a new Backup Set where a backup archive with encrypted files is first created on a hard drive and then copied to tape. Demo - Online Hilfe
Link multiple tape backups Linking multiple tape Backup Sets so that they all get written to the same tape one after another. Demo - Online Hilfe



Topic Description Link
Z-Cron Service as Admin How to start the Z-Cron service as an administrator automatically. Demo - Online Hilfe



Topic Description Link
Tape device driver installation To use a tape drive with Z-DATdumb, we show you where to find those drivers and how to install them. Youtube Video Link
Set up medium Before the first backup can be done, the medium has to be set up for the use with Z-DATdump. Youtube Video Link
Create dump list Creating a backup data list in Z-DATdump including a desktop shortcut. Youtube Video Link
Complete restore Restore a complete tape backup to a desired location. Demo - Online Hilfe
Send log file How to send Z-DATdump's log file to our support. Youtube Video Link



Topic Description Link
Shadow Explorer Feature overview of the Shadow Explorer integrated in Z-VSScopy. Youtube Video Link


Please note that this page is under construction and that more flash tutorials will follow!

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