Z-TapeLoader – Backups to Tape Library/Autoloader

The add-on module Z-TapeLoader is used with Z-DATdump and Z-DBackup to enhance their functionality for controlling media changers, superloaders, autoloaders, tape changers and tape libraries. This allows automatical selection and loading of the correct tapes for your daily backups. This add-on module is already contained in a normal Z-DATdump installation and is recognized and used automatically.

If the tape software is used without Z-DBackup, you still have the possibility to load a certain tape with the one-click backup option or during a scheduled automatic backup. The one-click backup option means that Z-DATdump can create a desktop shortcut which run a backup with specific settings.

Software Autloader Tape Library

Z-TapeLoader is shareware and is automatically installed together with recent versions of Z-DATdump. The trial period of Z-Tapeloader ist 30 days.

The freeware version of Z-DATdump can copy at most 12 GB per backup! This is usually quite enough for private use, as Z-DBackup features a very strong compression.

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Tape Library – Hardware

Z-TapeLoader was tested with the following tape libraries:

Tape Library Backup Tape Library Backup Tape Library Backup Tape Library Backup
HP 72X6 DAT Sony LIB162 Quantum Superloader 3 HP/Surestore
tandberg magnum Tape Library Backup Tape Library Backup
Tandberg Magnum 224 Dell Power Vault 124T HP MSL 2024

Automatical Weekday Backup to Tape

The combination of Z-DBackup, Z-DATdump and Z-TapeLoader does not only enable loading a specific medium, but also completely automatic backups to the right tapes with the following backup strategies:

Weekday Backup 5 Days Weekday Backup 7 Days Generation Principle
Weekly Backup Weekly Backup Weekly Backup

The different methods for weekday backups are selected with the medium input field.

Through automation, human intervention is minimised and the risk of unnecessary data loss through human error is greatly diminished.

Automatical Tape Backup with Tape Library

If you configure a tape backup in Z-DBackup with generation principle or for simple daily backup, the automatical medium changes are added as actions before the backup.

Backup to Tape Library

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