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Order, Registration and Activation

Questions regarding orders

If you're having questions regarding an order or the activation of our software please send an e-mail to with your Invoice number (Share*it! reference number)

Registration and Activation

Z-DATdump, Z-TapeLoader, Z-VSScopy, and Z-FTPcopy:

If you ordered via Share*it!, please send the registration data of Z-DATdump, Z-TapeLoader, Z-FTPcopyII and Z-Scan2Send to

The registration data consists of:

  • Name or company name
  • Zip code and location
  • Serial number
  • Invoice number (Share*it! reference number)

Please note that Z-DATdump, Z-TapeLoader, and Z-FTPcopyII are licenced per computer/operating system and can therefore not be used on different computers.

Email schreiben

What should be included in your E-Mail/Ticket?

To be able to help you with your problem we need the following things:

  • Detailed Error Description
    The more details you can provide us with the easier it is for us to help you. (description of how the error occurred, error text, error number etc.)

  • Logfile
    Please send us the logfile of our software as it contains information we need to resolve potential software errors.

    Demo  A short explanation on how to send us the logfile from within Z-DBackup.
  • Screenshots
    Please send us screenshots of the error message our program displayed.

Attention Send attachments as ZIP files
Only ZIP files are supported as attachments by our support system. Other files will be automatically deleted by the spam filter.


Send us an e-mail (a ticket will be automatically created in our system) or directly open a new ticket in our ticket system.

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