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Some of our software products have separate versions for personal computers and servers. The products with no specified license version run on both of these.

Workstation License

The Workstation version is intended for use on personal computers and laptops running Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP and therefore does NOT run on a Windows Server operating system.

Server License

A Server License is required to use the program on a Windows Server operating system 2016, 2012 (R2), SBS 2011, 2008 (R2) & 2003! The Server Version does not run on workstations. Otherwise, its features are the same as those of the Workstation Version.

Z-Software – Modular Design

The modular design of our software gives you the advantage that you pay only for the licenses that you actually need, save money on your backup solution and are later able to extend your system dynamically!

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Payment: Payment

Program Version Language Price Single license Info
Z-DBackup Workstation english/german €32.00 Software information
Z-DBackup Server english/german €77.00 Software information
Software Modules
Z-VSScopy   english/german €27.00 Software information
Z-Cron Workstation english/portogees/german €27.00 Software information
Z-Cron Server english/portogees/german €37.00 Software information
Z-DATdump Workstation english/german €39.00 Software information
Z-DATdump Server english/german €59.00 Software information
Z-TapeLoader   english/german €72.00 Software information
Z-DataDVD   english/german €32.00 Software information
Z-FTPcopyII   english/german €22.00 Software information
Workstation Bundles with Price Advantage!

Z-DBackup Compact
Z-DBackup, Z-VSScopy, Z-Cron

Workstation english/german €76.00  

Z-DBackup Compact Tape
Z-DBackup, Z-VSScopy, Z-DATdump

Workstation english/german €71.00  
Server Bundles with Price Advantage!

Z-DBackup Server Compact
Z-DBackup, Z-VSScopy, Z-Cron

Server english/german €119.00  

Z-DBackup Server Compact Tape
Z-DBackup, Z-VSScopy, Z-DATdump

Server english/german €112.00  

Z-DBackup Server Complete
Z-DBackup, Z-VSScopy, Z-Cron,

Server english/german €151.00  
Server Bundles for Tape Autloaders

Z-DBackup TapeLibrary
Z-DBackup, Z-DATdump, Z-TapeLoader

Server english/german €181.00  

Z-DBackup Complete Library
Z-DBackup, Z-VSScopy, Z-Cron,
Z-DATdump, Z-TapeLoader

Server english/german €211.00  
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