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Windows Server Backup Software

Server Synchronisation

Z-DBackup lets you back up your Windows Server quickly and easily. It is extremely flexible and can be used for very simple tasks up to sophisticated, complex backup schemes, with multiple sources and targets in a network. This makes it ideal for professional server backups. Run your backups automatically with Z-Cron or Windows Task Scheduler, and back up data to tape with Z-DATdump.

Scheduling for Server Backups

Z-Cron is our advanced task and backup scheduler. It allows you to create sophisticated schedules for backups and other recurring asks. Save lots of time with fully automatic Windows Server backups!

Server Automation

Z-DBackup offers a variety of actions it can automatically perform, e.g. stop or start programs, system services, databases etc. before or after the server backup. It can also run programs, batch files or VB scripts and can itself be started from the commandline or external programs. Z-DBackup has a full command-line interface.

In combination with Z-Cron, Z-DBackup can also execute commands on remote computers in a local network. This is especially useful to synchronize backup jobs across multiple machines, because a single Z-DBackup instance can tell other backup jobs to run after it finishes.

Backup Open, Locked and Currently Used Files

With the daily use of databases and similar applications, it is often necessary to back up files that are currently open for exclusive writing access by other applications. For this purpose, we offer Z-VSScopy: this add-on modules gives Z-DBackup the power to access and back up these data.

Hyper-V Backup

Our Z-DBackup Server Compact package offers everything needed to backup running Hyper-V virtual machines. No additional licenses are needed to backup multiple virtual machines.

Freeware Version

Z-DBackup can manage up to 250 Backup Sets of virtually any size in the Professional Version, i.e. millions of files and archives of 4 terabytes size! Use the 256-bit AES encryption of the Professional Version to protect your confidential data!


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Security at a Competitive Price

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The Z-DBackup Server Version for commercial use comes with extended program features compared to the Freeware Version and is the premier solution for your Windows Server backup on Server 2016, 2012 (R2), SBS 2011, 2008 (R2) and 2003 SP2.

Z-DBackup licenses are not time-limited, and updates are free. These facts make Z-DBackup the most long-lasting and favourably priced choice for server backups.

Z-DBackup Server Compact

Z-DBackup Server Compact is our bundle of Windows Server backup essentials. It allows you to back up open and locked files such as running databases and virtual machines (e.g. Hyper-V servers) without any downtime. Z-Cron is included as a powerful scheduler and system administration tool to run time-controlled, fully automatic backups, and it can run as a system service so no user has to be logged in at the machine.

This software bundle contains the following programs:

Server Paket
Z-DBackup Server Compact
for 119,- Euro

Z-DBackup: Our professional backup software can create 1:1 file copies, compressed and encrypted backup archives and full system backups.

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Z-VSScopy: Z-VSScopy allows Z-DBackup (and Z-DATdump) to access open and locked files, such as databases and virtual machines. Additionally, it manages Volume Shadow Copies on your system, e.g. by limiting the disk space they occupy.

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Z-Cron: Our versatile task and backup scheduler. Z-Cron can start backups and other tasks without a logged-in user and contains many useful system administration tools. It is fully network-enabled and can be used to run jobs on remote machines.

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Server Backup to Tape

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For tape backups, FTP backups and CD/DVD/Blu-Ray backups, we offer other great software bundles which contain our tape backup software  Z-DATdump and optionally the add-on module Z-TapeLoader for backups to tape libraries. Our bundles come at a discounted price up to 20 % lower than the combined individual prices of the products.


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