1-Click Backup Automation

Z-DBackup is controlled with Backup Sets. You can specify a variety of settings for each Backup Set, e.g. which files and directories to include in the backup, if the backup should be encrypted (password-protected) and/or compressed, etc. These settings are saved for each Backup Set, so that you can run future backups with just one click!

After you have created a Backup Set, right-click its name in the list an select Desktop shortcut from the context menu.

1-Click backup

A dialog window appears in which you can specify additional settings for the shortcut.

Backup automation

Backup with Shutdown

is an option to automatically shut down the computer after the backup is finished – backup and shutdown with one click!

Backup and shutdown shortcut on the desktop

The 1-click backup feature (possibly with automatic shutdown), allows for convenient, automatic backups, even on workstations which are used irregularly or for which no exact schedule can be created. Z-DBackup creates the practical shortcut right on your desktop or in your start menu.

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