Z-FTPcopyII – Copy Backup to FTP Server

The add-on module Z-FTPcopyII adds FTP functionality to Z-DBackup and Z-Cron, to enable copying a backup or other data to any FTP/FTPS/SFTP compatible server (according to RFC 959). Precondition is that a server with sufficient free space is available (doesn't have to be a Windows host.) The configuration for Z-FTPcopyII contains: the IP address of the server, the login info (username/password), and the server-side path where files should be stored. The add-on module Z-FTPcopyII allows to use heterogenous backup environments outside of the backup network.

Command-Line Parameters

Z-FTPcopyII is a graphical program, but also a command-line utility, i.e. it can be controlled with command-line parameters.

Command-line parameters make it possible to give the program a command at startup which it the executes. This is especially useful for FTP/SFTP/FTPS transfers in batch processing or use in scripts and other programs, as well as in schedulers such as our Task and Backup Scheduler Z-Cron or Windows Task Scheduler. Generally, the program is automatically started with the correct parameters by Z-DBackup, but it is also possible to run it manually for a custom FTP backup or transfer.

After Z-FTPcopyII is run without parameters, the main program window is shown. Files and directories can be copied to and from a server directly from this window.

FTP Copy Software

FTP – Software Features

Features of the Program Versions

Even the Freeware Version of Z-FTPcopyII offers a wide range of features and options and is an ideal FTP backup tool for home users:

Feature Freeware Version Professional Version
Transfer Volume 4 GB unrestricted
Max. number of server profiles 19 19
Server mode (2016, 2012 (R2), SBS 2011, 2008 (R2), 2003)   Z-FTPcopyII Server Version
Control with command-line parameters * *
Keep-Alive firewall setting * *
Incremental upload * *
Transfer log file * *
FTP – File Transfer Protocol * *
FTPS – FTP over SSL * *
SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol * *

Z-FTPcopyII Shareware Version

Z-FTPcopyII is an optimal extension for Z-Cron or Z-DBackup. Z-FTPcopyII is Shareware! After the trial period (30 days) has expired, the program can be used as freeware for personal use, with some restrictions! In contrast to the free version, the Professional Version supports uploading and downloading files larger than 4 GB.

* Download the Shareware Version of Z-FTPcopyII

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