Command-Line Parameters for Z-FTPcopyII

Our FTP Backup client Z-FTPcopyII is not only a graphical program, but also a command-line utility, i.e. it can be controlled with command-line parameters.

Command-line parameters make it possible to give the program a command at startup which it then executes. This is especially useful for FTP/SFTP/FTPS transfers in batch processing and for use in scripts and other programs. Generally, the program is automatically started with the correct parameters by Z-DBackup, but it is also possible to run it manually. The parameters must be specified after the program name, each separated by spaces. If any file names contain spaces, they must be quoted with double quotes (")!

FTP Command-Line Parameters

These commands must be specified in a correct program call:

zftpcopy.exe Command SOURCE TARGET Server Username Password

The commands are: put, puts, get, gets and view.






Upload a file


Upload a directory


Download a file


Download a directory


Show FTP directory in the remote file browser.


Enter the name or IP address of the FTP server.


Enter the username for accessing the FTP server.


Enter the password for the FTP account.

The six compulsatory parameters can be complemented with these optional parameters:




Activates FTP Passive Mode. The passive mode controls who establishes the data connection for file transfers after the initialisation connection is complete. If the passive mode is disabled, the FTP server establishes the connection to the client to transfer files. Some firewalls or proxy servers do not allow this kind of incoming connections. If the passive mode is enabled, Z-FTPcopyII creates an additional connection for file transfers.


Specify the port, e.g.: -port 990.


FTPS Protocol. The unsecure variant uses SSL encyption only for the username and password.


FTPS Protocol. The secure variant also encrypts all data traffic. Note that it is somewhat slower due to the additional encryption effort.


Basically the same as the FTPS variants. You should use this option if you use an older FTP server with an SSL wrapper.


SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).


Only files with the archive attribute set are transferred. The archive flag is deactivated by Z-FTPcopyII, so that next time, only new and changed files are transferred.


ASCII Mode Transfer.


Proxy Name/IP


Proxy Port


Proxy Username


Proxy Passwort

1 SOCKS4 Proxy Firewall.
2 SOCKS5 Proxy Firewall.
3 WEB Proxy (with CONNECT command).
4 Proxy Relay.
5 SOCKS4a Proxy Firewall.
100 FTP Transparent Proxy Server (with SITE command).
101 FTP Transparent Proxy Server (with OPEN command).
102 FTP Transparent Proxy Server (with USER command).

e.g. -proxytype 4


By default, Z-FTPcopyII uses the same Internet options as Internex Explorer. This option overrides the default settings.


For the parameters puts and gets you can also specify a filename mask (e.g. -maske *.zip) to restrict the file selection.

Return Value

A return value of 0 tells the calling program that the transfer was successful. A return value larger than 0 signals an error.

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