Creating 1:1 File Copies of Drives and Directories

In addition to creating compressed backup archives (with optional 256-bit AES encryption), Z-DBackup can also create 1:1 file copies of drives and directories.

Backup Wizzard

Backup of Extended NTFS Information

Extended file metadata and attributes, such as access permissions, are optionally also transferred to a suitable target medium (i.e. an NTFS-formatted external hard drive) and can be restored. Path lengths of more than 260 characters are supported.

Automatical Verify (1:1 Bitwise Comparison)

The optional backup verification ensures that not only file name and size, but also the contained data are exactly the same as in the source file.

Data Synchronisation

Z-DBackup can be used for fast synchronisation of files and directories between different computers and notebooks.

Backup of Locked Files / Exclusively Opened Files / Currently Used Files

Most backup utilities offer no possibility to include open and locked files in backups; you therefore risk losing some important data when problems arise! Our add-on modules Z-VSScopy gives Z-DBackup the power to access and copy exclusively opened, locked and currently used files, even running databases or servers.

Automatical / Scheduled Backups

In addition to the full integration with Z-Cron, our universal Task and Backup Scheduler, the program contains a built-in interface for Windows Task Scheduler. Even without any knowledge about the command-line parameters of Z-DBackup, you can create schedules for automatic backups in a breeze. Both schedulers support a fully automatic backup even when no user is currently logged on to the system.

Backup Wizard

Z-DBackup offers many features for professional users for complex backup tasks, even in network environments. But it also contains a wizard that makes backups very simple for home users.


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Freeware for Personal Use

Freeware Version

The Freeware Version of Z-DBackup is Freeware for personal use, i.e. it can be used by private persons free of charge. A license is needed for commercial use.


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