Features of the Program Versions

Z-DBackup is a powerful backup tool for businesses and ambitious home users. Even the Freeware Version offers a wide range of features; the License Version includes many more features and is the premier backup tool for professional users. The License Version comes in two variants, the Server Version for Windows Servers and the Workstation Version for PCs and laptops, whose only difference is the required Windows platform.

Features Freeware Version License Version
Number of Backup Sets (define the files and folders to be backed up) 20 250
1:1 File Copy * *
Max. number of files per Backup Set (1:1 file copy) 250.000 unlimited*
Max. total file size per Backup Set (1:1 file copy) 1 TByte unlimited*
Support for long paths with up to 32767 characters * *
Backup Archive Freeware Version License Version
Max. number of files per Backup Set (ZIP archive) 250.000 500.000*
Max. number of files per Backup Set (ZDB+ format) 250.000 1.000.000*
Max. total file size per Backup Set (ZIP, ZDB/ZDB+) 1 TByte unlimited*
ZIP Format PKZIP 4.05, 64 Bit PKZIP 4.05, 64 Bit
Deflate Compression * *
Deflate64 Compression *
Backup Archive Encryption * *
Backup Archive Encryption with 256-Bit AES   *
Test archives for data corruption manually automatic
Multi-spanning up to 1 GByte up to 4, 12, 24 GByte
Self-Extracting Backup Archives (SFX) up to 2 GByte up to 2 GByte
Network Freeware Version License Version
Backups to and from network drives * *
Support for UNC paths * *
Connect/disconnect network drives * *
System Freeware Version License Version
Runs on Windows Server 2016, 2012 (R2), SBS, 2008 (R2), 2003 * Z-DBackup Server
System Backup and Restore * *
Virus Self Test * *
Windows System Image Backup (Vista or newer) * *
Disk Image and Bare Metal Recovery * *
Features Freeware Version License Version
Chaining of Backup Jobs *
Auto Shutdown * *
E-Mail Notifications * *
Send Backup File as E-Mail Attachment   *
Registry Backup   *
Scheduling and Automation with Z-Cron or Task Scheduler with Z-Cron or Task Scheduler
Run automated file or system tasks before or after the backup * *
Run batch files and VB scripts before or after backup * *
Start/stop system services (SQL servers, etc.) before or after the backup * *
Whitelist * *
Blacklist * *
Restores with file synchronization/refresh * *
Incremental backups * *
Differential backups * *
Backup of open and locked files with Z-VSScopy with Z-VSScopy
Folder Synchronisation (Refresh Mode and Sync Mode) * *
Version Backups * *
Outlook XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 Backup * *
Windows Mail / Windows Live Mail Backup * *
Automatic Verify (1:1 file comparison) *
Backup hidden files and system files * *
Backup Media Freeware Version License Version
Backup to USB key * *
Backup to Iomega REV * *
Backup to RDX drive * *
Backup to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray with Z-DataBurn with Z-DataBurn
Backup to FTP Server (FTP/FTPS/SFTP) with Z-FTPcopyII with Z-FTPcopyII
Multi-Spanning of Backups on Hard Disk * *
Multi-Spanning of Backups on CD/DVD/Blu-Ray bis zu 4 CDs *
Tape Backup Freeware Version License Version
Backup to all types of tapes (DAT, DLT, LTO usw.) with Z-DATdump with Z-DATdump
Multi-Spanning on Tape (native capacity) *
License and Usage Freeware Version License Version
Professional and Commercial Use   *
Entitlement to free technical support   *

* only limited by operating system and hardware.

Freeware Version

The Freeware Version of Z-DBackup is freeware for personal use, i.e. it can only be used free of charge by private persons. A license is needed for commercial use.

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