Feature Overview

This page gives you a brief overview of Z-DBackup's abilities. For an exhaustive list, and comparison of program versions, please see our full list of features.

System Image Backups

A system image backup is a backup of your whole system volume containing the operating system and all files and programs on that volume. It can be used to restore Windows with all your files and programs to a new empty hard drive. Z-DBackup does not use a cryptic proprietary image format for a system backup, but instead builds on the features included in Windows. The feature to create Backup Sets for a system image backup is available in Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 and from Windows Server 2008 upwards.

Just like any other Backup Set, such a Backup Set can be linked to another Backup Set and contain actions that will be performed before or after the backup.

Backup in a Network

Z-DBackup is network-enabled and can back up from and to network drives. The Professional Version can also connect to network drives with a UNC path (\\Server\Directory) and password (network login) can disconnect after the backup. Opened files (Open Shared Files) can also be included in a backup, with a corresponding entry in the log file.

Tape Backup

You can also store backup archives or other data on TRAVAN, VXA, SLR, MLR, QIC, LTO, Ultrium, AIT, DDS, and DAT tapes with our add-on module Z-DATdump. It doesn't matter whether the drives are connected via SCSI, IDE, S-ATA or USB.

Backup to CD / DVD / Blu-Ray

Our add-on module Z-DataBurn makes it easy to burn backups to CD-ROM, DVD and Blu-Ray discs, possibly automatically. A direct backup to disc (without Z-DataBurn and intermediate storage) is possible with UDF formatted mediums. UDF writing support is included with Windows Vista and newer. For older Windows versions, there is UDF burning software such as Roxio Burn or Nero InCD to format a medium with UDF. Z-DBackup can recognize and use such mediums.

Directory Synchronisation

Z-DBackup can be used for a fast sychronization of data between different computers or notebooks. It also protects your backup mediums and archives from unauthorized access with its strong 256-bit AES Encryption (Professional Version).

Backup of Locked Files / Exclusively Opened Files / Currently Used Files

Most backup utilities offer no possibility to include open and locked files in backups; you therefore risk losing some important data when problems arise! Our add-on modules Z-VSScopy gives Z-DBackup the power to access and copy exclusively opened, locked and currently used files, even running databases or servers.

Automated Backups

A control centre for automation and scheduling, Z-Cron is an add-on module to our software that offers many advanced features for system automation, scheduling and automated backups, even when no user is currently logged on to the system. A simple Backup Automation is also possible with any installed scheduling tool. Z-DBackup also contains a built-in interface to the Windows-integrated Task Scheduler.

Actions before and after a backup

For each Backup Set you can select actions that will be executed automatically before or after the backup. Up to 20 actions can be defined for each. There are many predefined actions, such as Start/Stop System Services (useful for SQL servers such as VistaDB), Run Program, Start Z-Cron Job, Connect/Disconnect Network Drive, etc.

1:1 File Copies

Z-DBackup can create either backup archives in the ZIP format or 1:1 file copies of drives and directories.

Archive Format

Backup archives can be created as ZIP, ZDB or ZDB+ files. The Z-DBackup archive format ZDB is compatible to PKZIP 8.0, SecureZIP 8.0 and WinZip from version 9.0. This ensures a direct, quick and reliable access to the backup files, even without Z-DBackup. ZDB+ is not fully compatible to the ZIP standard but supports the encryption file names in the backup archive for even more security.

Self-Extracting Backup Archives

Z-DBackup contains an SFX-Modul with which you can create self-extracting archives (.EXE) up to a size of 2 GB.

Backup to FTP Server (FTP/SFTP/FTPS)

The add-on module Z-FTPcopyII gives Z-DBackup the possibility to copy backup archives or files to any FTP server (RFC 959 compliant). The integrated FTP Explorer helps with managing and restoring the backups on the server.


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Freeware Version

The Freeware Version of Z-DBackup is freeware for personal use, i.e. it can only be used free of charge by private persons. A license is needed for commercial use.

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