Z-DATdump – Backup to Tape

Z-DATdump copies files or directories to tape drives, manually or automatically by schedule. Once the software is installed, a backup to the following types of drives can be easily done: TRAVAN, VXA, SLR, MLR, QIC, LTO, Ultrium, AIT, DDS and DAT. All drives can be connected via SCSI, IDE, S-ATA or USB.

Z-DATdump - Freeware

The program Z-DATdump is easy to setup and has a user-friendly graphical interface. Z-DATdump was developed as an addon module for Z-DBackup to quickly and easily copy files (1:1 copy) to tapes but also runs as a standalone program. Within Z-DATdump up to five backup file lists can be created.

With our Task and Backup Scheduler Z-Cron or the Windows-integrated Task Scheduler the file lists can be called on schedule for completely automatic tape backups.

Download Download the Z-DATdump Freeware Version

Tape Backup for Windows

Z-DATdump extends the functionality of Z-DBackup to support tape drives. With the combination of Z-DBackup and Z-DATdump, very advanced backup strategies can be implemented. Z-DBackup offers strong file compression which speeds up the transfer of large amounts of data to tape. That makes them ideal tools for regular backups, for both professional and personal use!

Software Backup to Tape

Backup to Tape

Tape drives are optimal if large amounts of data must be safely backed up or archived. The tape mediums cost only between 3 and 30 Euros, depending on tępe and capacity.

Command-Line Interface

For professional users, our programs can also be controlled with command-line parameters. You can run a complete backup without having to open our programs by hand. Therefore, Z-DBackup and Z-DATdump can be used in batch scripts, backup scripts or other applications.

Automatically Copy Backups to Tape

A time-controlled, scheduled backup to tape can be realised easily with our Z-Cron Scheduler or the Windows-integrated Task Scheduler.

Z-Cron is very advanced in comparison to the Windows Task Scheduler. It offers a well-arranged management of scheduled tasks and has many built-in features for system administration and network use. Another benefit is the simple realisation of time intervals which can be implemented quickly.

Shutdown Backup

Shutdown Backup is a backup option with the added feature that the computer is automatically shut down after the data was copied to the tape. You can use it to do a backup and shutdown with one mouse click: Z-DBackup can simply create a desktop icon which invokes a Backup Set and shuts down the computer after the backup is finished.

Tape Hardware


Z-DATdump writes data to tape mediums according to the ASPI guidelines and the SPTI standard (SCSI PASS-THROUGH INTERFACE). The program works with all common tape drives (IDE, SCSI, USB and S-ATA), manufactured in 2000 or later. We have tested Z-DATdump with many drives, among which are the following:

HP USB 72 DAT Tape Drive Backup Ultrium Tape Drive Backup HP LTO 3 Tape Drive Backup Sony AIT 4 Tape Drive Backup Exabyte VXA-2 Tape Drive Backup
HP-USB 72 Ultrium 3 HP-LTO 3 Sony-AIT 4 Exabyte VXA-2

Tape Hardware Driver

In order for connected or built-in tape drives to work optimally and without problems with Z-DATdump, suitable drivers must be installed!

Bandlaufwerk Gerätetreiber Device Driver Information for Z-DATdump Tape Drives

Tape Software Features

Extended File Information

Z-DATdump was developed to copy backup archives that were created with Z-DBackup to tapes. It can also be used on its own for copying files to tapes, but extended file information such as NTFS Alternate Data Streams are then not included in the backup.

Features of the Program Versions

Even the Freeware Version of Z-DATdump offers many options and settings an is a comfortable backup tool for the ambitious home user:

Feature Freeware Version Professional Version
Backup Sets 5 5
Maximum files per backup 65,536 2,000,000
Maximum total file size 12 GB dependent on the medium
Restore single files    *
Scheduling Z-Cron or Windows Task Scheduler Z-Cron or Windows Task Scheduler
Server use Windows Server 2016, 2012 (R2), SBS 2011, 2008 (R2), 2003   Z-DATdump Server
Include file information   *
Multi spanning single file selection   with Z-DBackup
Tape index * *
Fast CRC Check * *
Virus self test * *
Automatical shutdown * *
Automatical verification   *

Z-DATdump was developed to copy backup archives created with Z-DBackup to tape drives. It can also be used to back up single files, but alternate NTFS data streams are not included in the backup.

In conjunction with Z-DBackup a system image can be copied to tape. To recover the system the image has to be copied from tape to a hard drive first. A direct system recovery from tape is not possible.

Freeware Version

The free standard version (Freeware Version) can copy up to the size of one full DDS-3 tape (12 GB) per dump! This is generally sufficient for home users, because the backup files can be compressed by Z-DBackup. If you need to copy more data at once, you need to purchase the Professional Version.

The Z-DATdump Freeware Version only works for a trial period of 14 days on a Windows™ Server operating system! A Z-DATdump Server License is required for use on a Windows™ Server!

Z-DATdump is activated via e-mail. For reasons of copy protection, a number code calculated from your hardware is sent to us and stored by us. Licenses are offered per computer and operating system and are linked to the hardware!

Download Download the Z-DATdump Freeware Version

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Z-DBackup Compact Tape

An excellent alternative to backups on DVDs or external hard drives are backups to magnetic tapes. With this method, data sets of any size can be stored audit proof and then be kept in a safe archive outside of the office. In case of hardware failure, hard drives are rather unfavorable, because the data might be lost forever. This cannot happen with tapes, because you can simply exchange the drive and the mediums can still be read. A real advantage in preventing damage through data loss.

With our Compact Tape Package consisting of Z-DBackup, Z-VSScopy, and Z-DATdump, even complex backup concepts can be implemented.

Z-DBackup can be used to manage up to 250 Backup Sets. Every Backup Set can be configured individually with a variety of options, such as 256 bit AES encryption (password protection), ZIP compression, extended NTFS file information and permissions, and many more. It also offers built-in support for many applications, such as a complete Microsoft Outlook or Windows Mail backup.

Z-VSScopy makes it possible to include locked or exclusively opened files and databases in a backup, so that a backup with Z-DBackup can be done conveniently from a running system.

Z-DATdump stores the backup on a tape. This tape software works hand in hand with the backup program Z-DBackup. Z-DATdump can be used with virtually all tape drives such as LTO, DAT, DLT, TRAVAN, VXA, MLR, SLR, QIC, Ultrium, AIT, and DDS with IDE, SCSI, USB or S-ATA connection.

Z-DBackup Compact Tape Backup
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