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Z-DBackup is a modular backup system which can copy complex data sets quickly, easily and reliably to any kind of target drive, such as CD-R/W, DVD+/-R/W, DVD-RAM, Blu-Ray, tape, USB flash drives and many more. It supports elaborate backup schemes, directory synchronisation, fully automated backups, archiving, data transfers via e-mail, FTP or network, and much more! This makes it an ideal backup tool for personal as well as professional use.

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Z-DBackup Functionality

Z-DBackup is controlled with Backup Sets. A Backup Set contains settings such as: The source and target locations for the backup, filters (blacklist/whitelist), password protection/encryption, compression, whether to use a backup archive or do a simple 1:1 file copy, and more. These settings are saved for each Backup Set, and with a desktop shortcut for the Backup Set, you can run a backup with one mouse click!

Linked Backup Sets

A Backup Set can be linked to another Backup Set to perform multiple backups in one run. This allows you to create Backup Sets with different settings for different content you want to back up, and then execute them all with one click.

For example, you could:

  • create one Backup Set for your music that you want to backup to your NAS,

  • another Backup Set for your documents that you want to backup to the cloud in an encrypted archive,

  • and yet another Backup Set for your photos that you want to back up to a blu-ray disk

and perform all these backups in one step.

Z-DBackup can also back up whole applications such as Microsoft Outlook, databases and the Windows Registry. The software is able to do backup tasks in a network and also supports scheduled backups, automatic backups via command-line parameters, backups with subsequent shutdown/hibernation/standby and more.

Z-DBackup offers many advantages for backup and archiving tasks on stand-alone computers and servers and workstations in a network:

  • Automated backups for regular and periodic backups with no human intervention necessary.

  • Z-DBackup can use any storage medium which has a drive letter as well as network shares with UNC paths. It supports multiple volumes per backup (multi-spanning), which is especially convenient for removable mediums (ZIP, JAZ, REV, RDX, CD, DVD or Blu-Ray).

  • The backup can be created on a fast local or network drive and then be moved to slower mediums (like tape or DVD), or be created on tape/DVD directly.

  • Restoring single files is only a matter of seconds.

  • The program can store images of complete volumes/partitions in a single backup file.


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Freeware Version

The Freeware Version of Z-DBackup and our other shareware programs are Freeware for personal use, i.e. they can be used by private persons free of charge. A license is needed for commercial use.

Freeware for personal use relies on fairness of the customer: If you want to use our programs commercially or professionally (in companies, associations or institutions) and/or obtain access to additional features, you have to register the software. This means that you buy the Professional Version in our shop or from one of our resellers, and you will obtain the right to use our software for business purposes.


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