Backup Wizard

Z-DBackup offers many settings and options for home and professional users to make sure that all data is safe – on a local computer or in a network. That makes Z-DBackup the ideal backup program which keeps you safe from accidental data loss.

F1-Backup Software Help

Context-Sensitive Help

A context-sensitive help feature is available within Z-DBackup. If you need help with a dialog window or a specific program function, just press the F1 key and a help window is shown. Z-DBackup uses the Microsoft® HTML-based help system.

Z-DBackup Wizard

The backup wizard can not only benefit an inexperienced user, because it also offers backup templates to automatically backup hard-to-access data such as Outlook, Windows Mail or iTunes. If such a template is selected, Z-DBackup will automatically collect all the application folders to be included in the backup; the user just needs to specify the target location and start the backup.Outlook Backup with the Wizard

  • Backup Apple iTunes
  • Backup Outlook Professional
  • Backup Windows Mail
  • Backup Windows Live Mail
  • Documents and Settings
  • Music and Videos
Backup Wizard

Professional Backups Made Easy

Even unexperienced home users can quickly and easily set up their individual backup scheme with the help of the built-in backup wizard.

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Experienced users and users with complicated and large backup tasks can also manually edit all backup preferences later.

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