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Backup to USB REV

The Iomegaź exchangeable hard disc drive »REV« is based on RRD technology (removable rigid disc). Data is stored on a magnetic disc just like on a regular hard disc. But unlike a usual hard disc, the 2.5'' disc is placed in an exchangeable cartridge. Because the REV system works quite like a hard disk drive, it offers faster access times and a higher data transfer rate compared to tape or CD/DVD mediums.

In spite of the relatively high cost per gigabyte, the Iomega's REV drive is a very good, fast backup solution. It is compact and light which makes it portable, can be connected to any computer with a USB port and offers plug&play functionality.

Important Information

Iomega has decided to discontinue the REV drive product line in February 2010. The company reacted to sales which remained lower than expected and stated that it will concentrate on manufacturing NAS solutions. However, Iomega will continue to sell REV mediums.

Backups with Z-DBackup and Iomegaź REV Removable Hard Disk Storage System

With Z-DBackup, the Iomegaź REV drive can be used as either a hard disc or like a removable medium. A variety of backup schemes can be realised with this system. It's versatility makes the REV a very good backup solution for personal or professional use.

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Iomegaź REV Loader 280/560
Backup to Iomega REV

Backup with Z-DBackup and Iomegaź REV Loader Removable Disc Library

With the »REV Loader 280/560 Hi-Speed USB 2.0«, Iomega presents its second autoloader for the REV medium in a compact stand-alone case. It offers space for eight mediums which offer the user 280 or 560 GB of space and a data transfer rate of up to 25 MB/s. It is connected to a computer via USB 2.0.

The REV autoloader is a real alternative for small and mid-sized enterprises in comparison to traditional backups to tapes or optical mediums. REV mediums are more robust, durable and faster than any tapes or CDs/DVDs. Just the fully automated cartridge changes take a little long with 30 seconds.

Z-DBackup fully supports automatic loading and changing of the REV mediums according to the backup scheme of your choice. Distributing your weekly backups over multiple mediums is no problem, and manual exchanges belong to the past!

REV Backup with Z-DBackup

Daily Backups with the Generation Scheme

The generation scheme is also called father-son backup scheme.

  • Create a Backup Set for daily backup and create a desktop shortcut for it.
  • You need eight mediums
  • Label four of the mediums with Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • Label the other four mediums with Friday 1, Friday 2, Friday 3, Friday 4

1. Week MON TUE WEN THU Friday 1
2. Week MON TUE WEN THU Friday 2
3. Week MON TUE WEN THU Friday 3
4. Week MON TUE WEN THU Friday 4

  • The mediums Monday to Thursday are overwritten every week on the respective day, the Friday mediums are only overwritten every four weeks. Thus, you can access data from up to one month ago.
Weekday Backup

Automatic Weekday Backup with the REV Loader

Z-DBackup does not only support loading one specific REV™ medium, but also offers complete automation for several backup strategies:

Generation scheme: Weekday backup (7 days): Weekday backup (5 days):
Weekday Backup Weekday Backup Weekday Backup

The various methods for weekday backups can be selected in the "Mediums" dialog.

Our program offers a completely sovereign mechanism which manages up to eight mediums. Human intervention is minimised through automation, which greatly reduces the risk of accidental data loss by manual errors.

Backup to USB REV


It is risky to store the backups on the same medium every day. Better are two or more mediums which are used in turns. That protects your data in case of hardware failures and also ensures that multiple older versions are accessible at all times. It is also advisable to take a REV medium home with you or store it at another location physically remote from the other mediums. That is the best protection against fire, water, theft and the like.

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