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RDX Hardware

RDX is short for Removable Disk Exchange. The removable hard disks »RDX QuikStor« were developed as a starter backup solution by Tandberg Data.

The drives are available in 3,5 and 5,25 inch format, where the internal models are connected to the computer via SATA and the external models via USB 2.0. The compact cartridges contain SATA drives and are used as mobile exchangeable hard drives with capacities of 80, 160, 320 and 500 GByte.

The cartridges are designed by Tandberg to protect the drives from shocks and impacts and drops from up to 1 meter. According to the manufacturer, the archiving life span of an RDX medium is ten years. All cartridges have a manual writing lock switch.

Backup to RDX Drive

Backup with Z-DBackup and Tandberg® RDX Exchangeable Disk Drives

With Z-DBackup, the RDX drive can be used as a hard disk or a removable medium, and numerous backup strategies can be realised! That makes this combination the ideal backup tool for personal as well as professional use!

Backup Setting RDX Drive

Backup Software

Freeware Version

The standard version of Z-DBackup is freeware for personal use, i.e. it may be used by private persons free of charge.

The free standard version is limited to a trial period of 14 days on a Windows Server operating system! A server license is necessary for use on a Windows server!

Z-DBackup can maintain up to 99 Backup Sets, and in the professional version there are no limitations regarding the number or size of files in the Backup Set. Use the 256 bit AES encryption of the professional version to protect your confidential data!

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