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Which License is right for me?

Z-DBackup Freeware for Personal Use

The freeware programs offered here are freeware for personal use, i.e. they can be used free of charge by private users. The commercial or professional use of the Freeware Versions is not allowed.

Freeware for personal use demands fairness from customers: If you want to use my programs commercially or professionally (in companies, associations or institutions) and/or obtain access to additional features, you have to register your software. This means that you buy the Professional Version in our shop or from one of our authorised resellers and by that obtain the right to use our software for business purposes.

Z-DBackup Workstation License

For use on personal computers at home or in the office we offer the workstation version of our program at a smaller price than the server version.

The workstation version is intended for use on workstations only and therefore does NOT run on a Windows Server operating system.

Z-DBackup Server License

A Server License is required to use the program on a Windows Server operating system! The Server Version does not run on workstations. Otherwise, its features are the same as those of the workstation version.

Support for Registered Users

Our software meets highest demands in quality and reliability and has been tested extensively. It is continually extended and advanced. In very rare circumstances, however, some compatibility issues may occur if the software is used with certain hardware and software environments. We try to cover any problems during development. In case you need technical help or advice to use our software, please use our free e-mail support.


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