FTP Backup

Backups to an FTP Server Offer Many Advantages

Data loss due to physical damage, hard- or software defects, fire, water, overvoltage or theft can incur huge expenses. It is therefore advisable to look for a secure way to store backups externally. This ensures that there is always a copy of your data available somewhere else than your main site. This is a good practice that's also encouraged by many insurance companies.

A perfect solution is to store backups on a remote FTP server. With our add-on module Z-FTPcopyII for Z-DBackup you can benefit from the advantages of an online backup to your own servers or those of a dedicated hosting company. We offer such a hosting solution. The backup data is encrypted and compressed prior to transfer. It is then automatically sent to an FTP server via the internet. You control the backup times and intervals.

After the first complete backup, only the changes to your data are send during all following backups. This saves time and network traffic.

FTP Backup

How Secure Are Your Files?

Your files are first compressed into a backup archive which is then encrypted with a 256 bit AES encryption method and only then transferred to the server. Therefore, your backups are unreadable during transfer and on the server.

The encryption lets you define a password with which the file is encrypted. This password should be kept secret and safe. Store your password in a safe place. You need the password to restore your files. There is no way the data can be accessed without it, not even by someone who has physical access to the data on the server.

The sole requirement on your side is a suitable internet connection from any internet service provider (ISP) of your choice. The bandwidth of your connection must be sufficient to transmit all changed files in a reasonable time when they are compressed. For smaller amounts of data, this is even possible with a 2 MBit DSL connection. For larger amounts, faster connections are increasingly available at lower and lower prices.

FTP Restore


You can access and download your backups at any time via your internet connection. Thus you as a customer have the guarantee that you can restore your data on your own in case of emergency, without large costs and during a short time, and without the aid of a system administrator.

FTP Backup Schedule

Scheduling for Backups

Consider this: How nice would it be if you could leave the company 10 minutes earlier, but unfortunately, you have to wait until the backup completes to shut down the computer. This is not necessarily so! Z-Cron can do that automatically for you, and a variety of other common tasks. This system control module lets you define schedules for recurring tasks. For example, it can create a compressed and encrypted backup, automatically send it to a backup server with authentication using Z-FTPcopyII afterwards, send the backup log via e-mail and shut down or hibernate the computer after the backup.

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