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Backups to and from Dropbox

Dropbox is a convenient cloud storage service. The files you store in your dropbox are immediately available on every connected device – PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Dropbox Info Dropbox Website: www.dropbox.com

The dropbox service makes it very easy to share files across multiple computers and devices, no matter how far they are away. Dropbox offers 2 GB of space for free. 1000 GB (1 TB) costs US$ 9.99; for company teams, there is a team plan that offers unlimited space.

Dropbox creates a directory on every machine on which it is installed. All data you want to share with your other machines is then simply put into this Dropbox folder and is then immediately available in the Dropbox folders on all devices which are connected to the same Dropbox account. There is also a web interface for your Dropbox space; you can even make selected files and folders from your Dropbox publicly available online.

Dropbox Cloud Service

Dropbox Backup

If Dropbox is used for sharing files which are collaborately used and edited, it can be very beneficial to keep multiple versions of those files. This is especially useful for team projects in companies, because multiple development stages of the whole project can be kept for later reference.

Dropbox Backup

With regular backups of the Dropbox folder on one machine, you can easily create such a versioned backup. If a file was accidentally overwritten or damaged, it can be retrieved from the previous version of the backup.

In connection with our task and backup scheduler Z-Cron (or alternatively Windows Task Scheduler) Z-DBackup can be used to create versioned backups of the Dropbox folder in regular intervals.

Dropbox Backup

Providing centralized backups

You can also use Z-DBackup and Dropbox to share backups across machines. Configure Z-DBackup to store backups as compressed, password-protected archives in the Dropbox folder and give yourself, your team members and employees immediate access to the stored files.

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