Backup Automation

In professional backup environments, it is not unusual that certain programs, system services or batch scripts must be run or stopped before or after a backup. That's why we built an action list with predefined actions into Z-DBackup.

Actions Before or After Backup

Actions can be run before and after each backup as well as before and after full backups.

Types of Actions

In the following table, you can find an overview of the different types of actions that Z-DBackup supports.

Automated Backup Actions
Action Description
Close Outlook
Quits the program Microsoft Outlook.

Close Z-DATdump
TQuits the program Z-DATdump.

Copy backup archive
The backup archive(s) created by Z-DBackup can be copied to another directory or medium.

Delete log file
The log file for this Backup Set is deleted.

Close a program with a given window name. In contrast to the "Exit" function, the "Destroy" function tries several methods to also close minimized programs.

Disconnect USB device
Automatically deactivate/unmount the USB device used for the backup. The device can then be switched off without data loss.

Display message
Show a dialog box with a user-defined message.

Display note
Shows the note that was saved for the Backup Set as a message on the screen.

Eject CD/DVD/Blu-Ray
Eject the medium from a CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive.

Eject REV medium
Eject Iomega® REV™ medium.

Eject target medium
Eject target medium, can be used to eject RDX mediums etc.

Erase tape
Clear a tape medium and delete all its contents. You can erase a tape before each full backup, for example.

Often, running programs have exclusive access to their files and can disturb the backup. If you want to include these files in a backup, you should quit the programs that use them before the backup. (If you do not want to quit a program, but still want to include open files in a backup, you can install our module Z-VSScopy for Z-DBackup.)

FTP download
Automatic download of files or directories from an FTP serverAutomatisierter Download von Verzeichnissen oder Dateien.

Load REV medium
Loads an Iomega® REV™ medium.

Network copy
Copy the Z-DBackup backup archive to a network drive/directory with a UNC path.

Pause x seconds.

Play sound
Play a Wave sound file.

Priority High/Low/Normal
You can specify the task priority of Z-DBackup yourself. The higher the priority, the more memory and processor capacity is used on the program. That means that the backup will be faster, but there are less resources for other tasks and other running programs will be slower.

Run batch file
Start a batch file and await its termination before the backup is resumed.

Run VBScript
Start a Visual Basic Script (.vbs) and await its termination. The backup will start only when the script is not running anymore. To use this feature, the Microsoft Windows® Scripting Host must be installed. You can check this by running the example script 'Test.vbs' that comes with Z-DBackup.

Run Z-Cron job
Run a specified Z-Cron job. To use this feature, Z-Cron must be installed and there must be at least one Z-Cron job. Optionally, you can control remote computers in the local network with Z-Cron.

Self backup
Z-DBackup's program settings and Backup Sets are saved.

SSH/FTP - download
Automatic download of files or directories from an FTP server via the secure SSH protocol.

SSH/FTP - upload
Automatic upload of files or directories from an FTP server via the secure SSH protocol.

Start + wait
To open a file and wait for the associated program to finish, you can use this option. The backup or next action is run only when the file isn't open anymore.

Start MSSQL 2005 Express
Start Microsoft SQL 2005 Express Edition.

Start MSSQL Server
Start Microsoft SQL Server Engine (MSDE).

Start system service
Start a selected system service.

Start TurboMed DB
Start TurboMed Database. This function is only available if the TurboMed software is installed.

This option allows to open/start any file. Immediately after loading, the next action is executed or, if all actions have been run, the backup is started.

Stop MSSQL 2005 Express
Exit Microsoft SQL 2005 Express Edition.

Stop MSSQL Server
Exit Microsoft SQL Server Engine (MSDE).

Stop system service
Stop a selected system service.

Stop TurboMed DB
Exit TurboMed Database. This function is only available if the TurboMed software is installed.

TapeLoader - load tape
The specified tape is loaded.

TapeLoader - unload tape
The specified tape is unloaded/ejected.

A specified TCP command is sent to an IP address.

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