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Z-DBackup is a backup software suite which quickly, easily and reliably backs up data to any target drive, such as to CD-R/DVD/Blu-Ray, USB drives, or tape. Its network capabilites make Z-DBackup the ideal backup software for personal as well as commercial use.

Z-DBackup is controlled with Backup Sets. For each Backup Set, you can specify the files and directories to be included in the backup and options such as password protection, compression, etc. These settings are saved so that you can run the same backup again and again with only one mouse click.

Professional Backup Software for Windows

In addition to creating compressed backup archives (with optional 256 bit AES encryption in the professional version), Z-DBackup can also create 1:1 file copies of directories and drives.

Extended file and directory information and attributes can be included in the 1:1 file backup. Even security and access settings can be copied to an NTFS backup medium and can be restored with the files. Long paths of more than 260 characters are supported.

Z-DBackup can perform full, incremental, differential or chronological backups and can also be used for synchronisation/mirroring of files and directories. The program creates an exact image of the data from your computer, laptop or server/network in the target directory such as HD, NAS, USB, REV, RDX, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray or tape.

Windows Backup Software


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Modular Design

Modular Windows backup software Windows Task Scheduler - Z-Cron LTO, DAT, DLT, DSS, autolaoder, tape library backup - Z-DATdump Backup to CD, DVD, Blu-ray - Z-DataBurn Shadow copy service, backup exclusively locked files, databases, virtual machines - Z-VSScopy FTP/SFTP/FTPS backup - FTPcopyII Backup logs - Z-Journal Professional Backup Software - Z-DBackup

Z-DBackup usually serves as the base software with extensive settings for professional backups. Different extension modules are available that each extend the functionality of Z-DBackup by certain features. Each module also works as a simple stand-alone program. This modular design guarantees that you only pay for the features you need. The following modules are available:

  • Z-VSScopy:
    Back up locked, exclusively opened files, databases and virtual machines (Hyper-V) in real time.

  • Z-DATdump:
    Back up and restore files to tape, e.g. LTO, DAT, DLT, DSS etc. or autoloaders/tape libraries with Z-TapeLoader.

  • Z-DataBurn:
    Back up data to CD, DVD or Blu-ray.

  • Z-FTPcopyII:
    Back up and restore data to and from FTP servers (incl. SFTP/FTPS) or make local backups of your FTP server.

  • Z-Cron:
    Multifunctional task scheduler to automate various tasks on a computer including backups with Z-DBackup, Z-FTPcopyII, Z-DATdump or Z-DataBurn.

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Notable Features

System Image Backup

Create backups of a whole drives that including the operating system and all installed programs and files. A system image backup can later be used to restore your whole system even on an empty hard drive.

Actions Before and After the Backup

Set certain actions to be automatically performed before or after backup like the execution of batch scripts, starting or stopping MYSQL servers, mounting or unmounting hard drives, ejecting the target medium (like RDX drives), running Z-Cron jobs and much more.

Automatic Backups

Integration to set up backup schedules with the Windows Task Scheduler or Z-Cron.

Fully Encrypted Backup Archives

Our ZDB+ archive format can be used store AES encrypted files and additionally encrypts the file names.


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