Z-DBackup – Professional backups with only a few clicks

Z-DBackup is a backup solution which quickly, easily and reliably backs up data to any target drive, even to CD-R/DVD/Blu-Ray or tape. Its network capabilites make Z-DBackup the ideal backup software for personal as well as commercial use.

Z-DBackup is controlled with backup sets. For each backup set, you can specify the files and directories to be included in the backup and set a variety of options, such as password protection, compression, etc. These settings are saved, so that you can run a backup set again and again with only one mouse click!

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In addition to creating compressed backup archives (with optional 256 bit AES encryption in the professional version), Z-DBackup can also create 1:1 file copies of directories and drives.

Extended file and directory information and attributes can be included in the 1:1 file backup. Even security and access settings can be copied to the backup medium (e.g. an NTFS formatted external hard drive) and can be restored with the files. File and folder names (path lengths) of more than 260 characters are supported.

Apart from full, incremental, differential or chronological backups, Z-DBackup can also be used for synchronisation/mirroring of files and directories. The program creates an exact image of the data from the source directories into the target directory, and can be used for synchronisation, replications and mirroring of files and directories on your computer, laptop or server/network to HD, NAS, USB, REV, RDX, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray or tape.

Backup Software
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